Charter boat in ocean in the Florida Keys
The Reel Calm - Southport 33
Powerful Efficient Engines

With Twin Yamaha 350 HP 5.3L Four Stroke outboards we have all the power to get anywhere as fast as we want!

These engines are also extremely fuel efficient for their size, which is good for you and us!

The engines are also paired to our state of the art auto pilot, which means we don’t waste time or fuel wandering.

This same system also has advance settings that allow it drive itself in custom patterns to find and stay on the fish.


The Reel Calm is thirty two and a half feet long and has almost eleven feet of beam, meaning it’s a very a good riding boat in almost any condition and a spacious boat, so everyone has space to move around.

She also has very comfortable seating all around, the boat and is fitted with a full restroom, which is a rare option on many charters. If we end up salty or just want to cool down their is also a fresh water shower!

Fishing Features

Livewells, in deck fish storage boxes, rod holders galore, outrirggers, side dive door (for getting the monsters on board)…this boat is ready to fish! We had it equipped with every possible fishing option we could, including an amazing array of electronic that will get us to, and keep us on the fish.

You will not find a more well equipped and able boat in this class, not even close.

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