What can we help you with?

If you don’t find an answer get in touch with us, we’re always glad to help out!

What’s your refund policy?

Once we are within two weeks of a trip we will not refund any deposits. This is because we have blocked this day already. However, if you let us know we will put the day out there and see if someone else books it, and if so, as a courtesy we would happily return your deposit. We try to be open minded and fair, but this all costs us a great deal of money, so we have to stick to the commitments, both you and us.

What do we need to bring?

A good attitude is the most important thing, we promise we’ll always have one! This question is answered on an entire page that gets you ready for your trip. Go scope that out here.

Is their anything we can’t bring?

Glass is a no go, also we don’t allow coffee, it stains the heck out of boats, so get all tweaked up and ready before we leave the dock! You can find more information on how to prepare for your trip here.

What about bad weather?

We don’t tend to cancel trips for weather, we have a heck of a good boat and some days are simply better than others. If the winds are 16 knots or greater we will give you the option to cancel the trip and receive a refund.

Remember, we have been doing this for many decades, we won’t ever be unsafe!

Will I get sea sick?

Lots of factors are at play here, and people do certainly get sea sick. First thing’s first, if you have a history of this make sure and let us know so we can try and accommodate you as best as possible.

It’s most likely you should avoid offshore trips or trolling, but don’t rule it out on a good day.

Taking medicine the night before being on the water seems to help. We can’t tell you what to use but lots of folks seem to like Bonine or Dramamine, both of which are available at Walgreens or other stores in town.

If you get sick or we have to come back to shore, we unfortunately can’t give a refund, as we have already reserved the whole day, so make sure before you book a trip.

Do you allow children or inexperienced folks?

Darn right we do! We find a great deal of joy in fishing with kids or newcomers and teaching them how to fish. Captain Rob has spent his entire life fishing, and much of that specifically dedicated to teaching. Don’t be nervous, we will always be patient and kind and do anything we can to make sure everyone has a great time!

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